This page is just a little info about why do we show Cats,and related.

People ask Why do you show cats?  Do you get money when you show cats? Answer is no. We PAY to show.

There is alot of expense in showing cats. You have expense in preparing them for the show shampoos & related, fancy combs, fancy blow dryers, eye powders for under the eyes. Scissors for triming around the face and eyes.  Show curtains for the cage they are in while you wait for your class of cats to be called up at the show ring.  Fees to enter a show. The hotel you may be staying in while attending the show. Gas for your vehicle to get there and come home. Many shows take several hrs to get to. some even fly to many shows when they are trying to get titles such as Regional Winner "RW" National Winner "NW" Titles are away to prove  you breed to standard or beyond. Of course the kitten its self is of utmost importance. Some cats with out many titles can do wondeful in shows depending on how well the breeder has put their program together and how Mother nature plays her part.  But for the most part we show cats because we enjoy it, and because we are proud of our cats and want to express it, seeing what titles they can achieve. Some cats may do better then what we get but Sometimes lack of money and timing gets in the way.

People enter their child in a beauty contest,if they enjoy it, why not. If they dont its better not to. Just like cats. if they dont want any part of a cat show, it may be best to keep them home, but sometimes a few shows and they are having a great time.

I have read once some one thought people who show animals only care about showing them. and not the animal. Answer NOT TRUE!
People that I have talked to that show cats LOVE them. And most will sacrifice their OWN health for their cats! and even go with out Better food them selves to make sure their cats have the best food. In my early years of breeding many times I have bought the cheapest people food I could find for my self in order to buy more expense food for my cats. There are always exeptions to the rule. Im sure there are some people that care more about showing then     their animals. Just like there are people of all professions that are exceptions to the rule, that care more about the money they get or respect they get for their job then the job they do or how well they do it.

There is a saying something like dont judge the whole barrel by one bad apple. This goes for all things in life, I think. In every barrell there are usually a small percent of bad apples.

Also just because one person does things a different way then another doesnt mean its wrong or bad. Their way may work much better for them.

When A breeder mentions their program this means the cats used for their specialty. for example if they say my chocolate program this is cats used for the purpose or producing those cats.

When a breeder of chocolate and lilacs say visuals this means cats that are actually chocolate or lilac, such as solid chocolate, chocolate tabby,
chocolate point, solid lilac, lilac tabby, lilac-white etc...  If they say chocolate carrier, this means a cat that carries the gene for chocolate etc.
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