Extreme versus doll faced kittens.    We have been asked a few times about breathing problems in extremely flat faced cats.   In my experience of breeding since 1989 I have never had a cat that could not breath normal, but a few cats that would snort when playing.  Their flat faces were not the problem, it was their small nairs or nostrils.  Click here for CFA's standards For a Persian, was and always has been.  Note:  cats with breathing restrictions are a disqualification.

      We  feel the closest  way to ensure you have a pure bred animal is to make sure you get  registration papers.

   There are  people that  buy pets with a agreement to have them spay or neutered but instead they breed them with other pets  and sale them with no goal in mind, and no care at all to the regards of what they just did. Please beware.

     We ask please do not buy pure bred cats with the intention of them being a pet and then breeding them.  Be responsible and have them spay or neutered.  "A pet is a cat meant to be spay or neutered and not for breeding - With out breeding rights"

     We ask buyers not to buy  from breeders with kittens from unregistered parents Chances are they were meant to be pets and not bred.

     Here is a site that has  many sheltered cats and kittens, may or may not be purebred. But if you can not afford to get one from a breeder  this  could be a great way to go? 
We are not affiliated in anyway with this site, so if you buy, or receive cats or kittens from some one else other then Caleb-Cats its  between you and them.


Click on photos to view pedigrees
If you are interested in kittens "that say available" below please send a email to calebcats@yahoo.com    All kittens will have first shots and will be wormed, and will come with a sample of the food he/she have been eating. All calebcats kittens will come with a blue slip from CFA for registration with or with out breeding rights. We can meet a hour from us, if needed when purchaseing,  We do NOT ship pets 
Location Shinnston, West Virginia

check back often for future available kittens! 
 .Please Note: Caleb-Cats reserves the right to refuse any sale at anytime, for any reason. Also Caleb-Cats reserves first option to keep first pick(s) of each of our litters
It is our hope that each of our kittens will go to a loving home where he/she will be  not only cared for also loved and pampered. It is our goal that each kitten leaving us will go to thier new homes healthy and friendly and ready for thier new family, "Please Note Some kittens may take longer then others to adjust when moving to a new home"  Many will be right at home day one, some  take a few days some "rarely" take weeks. Thank you, enjoy! 

We can only hold a kitten till the following Friday or Saturday.

This page was last updated: September 29, 2022
Caleb-Cats does not sale kittens till they are at least 10 to 12 weeks old depending on that individual kitten. If you buy or sale a kitten that is much younger you could be putting that kittens health at risk in more ways then one.  Please visit this site and find out why.. Click here >. HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG
Find a Veterinarian in your area that participates in low cost spay and neutering called "Spay USA" by calling 
(800) 248-7729

Kittens are now old enough! A kitten under 10 or 12 weeks we feel is too young. See here HOW YOUNG IS TOO YOUNG 

Kittens Available Below

Kitten sold as pets means they do not come with breeding rights
How ever all our cats are pets but with out breeding rights, we 
call them pets, even if they are show quality.

​Be sure to register your kitten, Exotics are 3rd most popular breed in CFA this is based on registrations, so your registration is also a vote for popularity of your breed even if its as a pet. 
We recommend if you get a cat as a pet have it spay or neutered no later then 1yr old sooner if at all possible.  Many males will spray and if you wait till he is interested in breeding your boy may spray then once neutered can take weeks or months before the testostrome level goes down before he may stop.  On Females she may start going in season by 6 months of age but usually  some older. But they make a lot of noise during that time and its not good for her to have lots of heats.

We require all of our pet kittens to be spay or neuter by 10 months.
Please Note: We only sale Breeding Rights to select homes
 and Breeding rights will cost more then as pets

iIiIf you are only looking for tiny kittens, remember that

 with in weeks they will be older kittens to. There is

 many advantages of having a older kitten versus a

 tiny kitten. Tiny kittens can easily be stepped on by

 people not used to them. Many times Tiny kittens are

 not ready to leave their mom, meaning are not fully

 weaned or not eating solid foods at all.  Older kittens

 are more robust, had more shots, And have had more

Here  is a site that sales lots of different kinds of cat teasers. Our kitties LOVE them. 
Go Here.
Here is a site that sales the perfect water bowls to keep your cats ruff dry when drinking   Charlie's-Critters
This is a great shampoo for that puffy hair. and for a show shampoo! Click HERE 
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We Only accept US Currancy for payment as we live in the US
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Here is a site that can give you a idea of what The upkeep of a pet may cost.  Pet-Cost Calculator

CFA's basic genetics for color. This is very helpful if you think a kitten is a smoke or silver etc.and you want to be sure you register correctly.


      All available kittens will be posted if they are available. We do not advertise in any way kittens that are not ready.  Only kittens you see on this page are available. Some breeders never update their kitten page for years but ours will be updated as we have new photos of current kittens, and kittens that become available. Thank you so much for your interest! 

​Check back in late June/early July 2022 or so For March, We have gotten a tun of inquiries there may not be any left for March as I get back to them. so may not be more kittens til June or July. But if there are any we will post them, or remove the march part. Many thanks so sorry. 

Note: When inquiring about kittens, remember we don't ship pets. 

Pets are with out breeding rights and are to be spay or neutered by buyer. 

Also include your name and location.  There is lots of scamming out there. Also we want to feel you are seriously interested in kittens.
PKD Negative
PKD Negative 
Betsy- Available

Betsy- Sweet, Black -Exotic Long Hair Female. Shots and wormed up to date Sweet lovy girl Photo taken 9-16-2022 @ 5 months. Born 4-01-2022 . Betsy   Available.
If interested in Betsy email at calebcats@yahoo.com
Sire Bullit   Blue ESH  Photo
Dam CH Caleb-Cats Billie Jean Tortoiseshell ESH  Photo

Curtis- Sweet, Rare Chocolate-White  -Exotic Short Hair Male. Shots and wormed up to date Sweet lovy boy Photo taken 8-07-2022 @ 2 months. Born 6-16-2022 Show type!   Curtis might be available with breeding rights to a small cattery Curtis Available

Sire Designpurrs Klondike Of Caleb-Cats   hight white - Chocolate White ESH  Photo
Dam Caleb-Cats Cocoa Delight  Chocolate ESH  Photo
PKD Negative