CH Caleb-Cats Nemo
Black-White Choc and dilute carrier ELH
Sweet lovey Boy CH, GC and RW lines. Nemo has produced some beautiful chocolate exotic short hair and long hair varieties. 

Sire:  CH Cat-A-Poltz Picasso "Red McTabby-White Pure LInes ESH"

Dam: CH, PRB Caleb-Cats Trix-Or-Treats "Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persian

CH, Caleb-Cats Fernando 
​Silver Spotted Tabby ESH Carry's chocolate and dilute. Very sweet boy with very nice type! 
Pedigree Grand Pointed. Very nice built boy!. Very sweet, lovable boy! Loves to give kisses CH, GC, R.W., and N.W. lines   We look forward to chocolate exotic short hair kittens and other color varieties he may produce.  Pedigree

Sire: CH, TGC Stars R Us Mercury Of Caleb-Cats Silver Spotted Tabby Non CPC lines
Dam:CH Caleb-Cats Snickers Chocolate Spotted Tabby-White ESH

CH Caleb-Cats Lyko Frost

Lyko is a Lilac Spotted Tabby-White ESH. Sweet friendly boy. Cobby, nice boning. Smooth head, small ears, and nice eyes HMZ short hair, HMZ Tabby CPC  CFA Championed 02/09/2019 Lyko is sire to Snickers on our Queen page.   Pedigree

Sire: CH Caleb-Cats Sparky Sparkles CPC, CC, Silver Spotted Tabby- White ESH ph
Dam: CH Caleb-Cats Hailey  CPC, CC Blue Spotted Tabby ESH photo

Photo at 6 months
PKD Neg 
NOT for sale

SandpaperKisses Blue Baloo "Baloo"        PEDIGREE

Baloo is a Non-Standard Minuet Dominant Blue Eyed Blue-White  "Future King".  Super sweet, Super playful. ! Photo 20 weeks, 11/25/2023. We hope to work with TICA registry to see if we can make Dominant Blue eyed Exotics to come. Or make non standard Minuets.
Sire: Uniquemeows Levi Of Sandpaper Kisses  D.B.E. Black Amber Tabby N.S. Minuet
Levi Photo
DamCaleb-Cats Violet LIlac - White Exotic Shorthair Photo.
Cats on this page may or may not still reside at Caleb-Cats
CH, TICA Tripple GC Stars R Us Mercury Of Caleb-Cats "Freddy"  Pedigree  also  TICA Certificate 

Freddy is a Silver Mackerel Tabby non CPC lines exotic, very sweet lovey boy! Awesome lines!  Thank you, Cary and Randy of Stars R Us, for this awesome boy!  Hope to show him more! Photo taken 12-02-2020 at 5 months old. Grand Pointed! 64 so far. CH, GC, BW, RW, and NW lines! Freddy is staying with friends at Designpurrs  till 2025
Sire: GC  Joleigh's Chandelier Of Stars R Us  Silver Mc Tabby Persian
Dam: GC Mellowcherry Twilight Of Stars R Us Silver Patched Tabby ESH
PKD Neg Lines
NOT for sale

Photo at 2yrs 5mos
PKD DNA Negative 
By My Catscan

NOT for sale
NOT for sale
New Photo by Designpurrs