CH Caleb-Cats Nemo
Black-White ELH
Sweet lovey Boy

Sire:  CH Cat-A-Poltz Picasso "Red McTabby-White Pure LInes ESH"

Dam: CH, PRB Caleb-Cats Trix-Or-Treats "Chocolate Tortoiseshell Persian

CH Caleb-Cats Sparky Sparkles
​Silver Spotted Tabby-White ESH Carrys chocolate and dilute.
Grand Pointed. Massive Boy. Very sweet lovable boy!  Pedigree

Sire: CH Cherrybirdie Eminem Of Caleb-Cats CPC Chocolate Persian 
Dam:CH Caleb-Cats Zora CC, CPC Blue Silver Tabby-White ESH


CH Caleb-Cats Lyko Frost

Lyko is a Lilac Spotted Tabby-White ESH. Sweet friendly boy. Cobby,nice boning. Smooth head, small ears, and nice eyes HMZ short hair, HMZ Tabby CPC  CFA Championed 02/09/2019   Pedigree

Dam: CH Caleb-Cats Sparky Sparkles CPC, CC, Silver Spotted Tabby- White ESH
Sire: CH Caleb-Cats Hailey  CPC, CC Blue Spotted Tabby ESH

Photo at 6 months
PKD Neg 
NOT for sale
PKD Neg Lines
NOT for sale
CH Stars R Us Mercury Of Caleb-Cats "Freddy"  Pedigree

Future King Freddy is a Silver Mackeral Tabby Pure lines exotic, very sweet lovey boy! Awesome lines!  Thank you Cary and Randy of Stars R Us for this awesome boy!  Cant wait to show him! Photo taken 12-02-2020 at 5 months old. Grand Pointed! 64 so far.
Sire: GC  Joleigh's Chandelier Of Stars R Us  Silver Mc Tabby Persian
Dam: GC Mellowcherry Twilight Of Stars R Us Silver Patched Tabby ESH

Designpurrs Klondike Of Caleb-Cats        PEDIGREE

Klondike is a Chocolate-White Exotic Short Hair "Future King". Super sweet, Nice lines He carries dilute non cpc HMZ for short hair. We are Looking forward to babies from him to come. Photo 1 yr old.
Sire: Designpurrs Moonie Jr-My Dad Is OE "Black-White Van odd eye carrier " ESH
Dam: Caleb-Cats Violetta Of Designpurrs Solid Lilac ESH
Cats on this page may or may not still reside at Caleb-Cats
PKD Neg Lines
NOT for sale
NOT for sale