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     Caleb-Cats is a small Exotic Short and long hair Cattery. All Current Cats PKD NEG by DNA, either directly or by parentage.  Specializing in chocolate and lilac variety.  But produce other colors. We are located in north, central WV.  We strive to produce CFA show standard Chocolate exotic short hair.  Furthermore, we are working with Cats that have loving, playful personalities with characteristics that are as close to the CFA standards as we can. We got our very first Persian Cat in 1989 and have loved this breed ever since. 

 Our Kittens are raised with a lot of love and attention to make them better pets when they go to their new homes. We offer pet quality, breeder, and show quality to select homes when they become available. We breed because we enjoy it, NOT to make money.  But without kitten sales we could not do it. We do not offer any studding of our males.  Some of the lines we are working with include Tyland, Vannies Paws, Steeplechase,  Haendel, Stars R Us, Cat-A-Poltz, and Calivan to name a few. Pedigrees varying include CH, GC, RW, NW, and DM titles.

   We have found Exotic and Persian cats to be the most lovable of all the cats that I personally have ever owned.  They can be a lot of work when it comes to grooming, but are so much joy.  Most people I have talked with will tell you they are worth it. 
This is CH, TICA TGC Stars R Us Mercury Of Caleb-Cats "Freddy"
 Freddy is a Silver Mackerel Tabby, Exotic Short hair. 
Freddy is a Very Sweet FUN boy
He is a champion and now Grand Pointed! 

Sire: GC Joleigh Chandelier Of Stars R Us
Dam:GC Mellowcherry Twilight Of Stars R Us 
Visiting with friend at Designpurrs

What's New?  Keep checking back. We will be updating the site by updating pictures of our cats and telling more about them.   Striving for quality chocolate exotic short hair cats.

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None of the kitties on this page are for sale, they are for examples. Click the Available link to see what is available 
Caleb-Cats Business managed by E. Spencer since February 2010
64 CFA Grand Points, TICA Tripple Grand Champion
GC Caleb-Cats Porsha Devine

Now CFA Grand Champion! Our first CFA home-grown Grand! 
Super outgoing, very lovey, playful, cobby, huge eyes very plush coat. Porsha is a Blue Patched Tabby-White Exotic Short hair. 
Photo By Larry Johnson 12-12-2021

Sire: CH Cat-A-Poltz Picasso Of Caleb-Cats
Dam: CH Caleb-Cats Hailey
PKD DNA Neg. Parents
PKD DNA Neg. Parents
PKD DNA Neg. Parents
Exotic Short hair and Long Hair kittens, Cattery in WV, Working with Chocolate, Lilac, and most colors